4D Security Solutions, Inc. has been awarded some of the world's most prestigious and challenging contracts in the defense industry. 4D, using Wisdom, our flagshipCommand & Control software product, has developed and deployed solutions to protect critical assets and infrastructure, including airfields, seaports, government facilities, borders, and petrochemical facilities.

Wisdom provides a true, real-time situational awareness picture to security operators based on the fusion of information collected from all the sensors which comprise an integrated security system. Using proprietary sensor correlation algorithms, Wisdom correlates data from multiple sensors to determine if alerts are from the same target, displays the target, but does not display duplicate targets.

Operators can see, at a glance, all the information gathered from all the sensors in real time, with duplicate targets and false alarms eliminated. The operator can view camera video , the situational awareness picture, and a tabular display of events simultaneously across the screens of our three-screen workstation. The same information can be viewed remotely in the central Command and Control Center. The Command and Control Center can also view aggregate data from multiple remote installations.

The 4D Security Solutions Wisdom software's open-architecture design:

  • Provides dynamic integration of many detection sensors and methods
  • Maintains real-time tracking and assessment of threats
  • Automates immediate action through Command & Control Center
  • Eliminates false alarms
  • Streamlines and displays accurate and updated information
  • Provides a situational awareness picture, video feeds, and event procedures
  • Is highly adaptable for any deployment

Wisdom is the latest generation of command and control software from 4D Security Solutions. Wisdom antecedents have been durably implemented, tested, and installed and are currently deployed in important security installations in numerous locations across the globe - many of which are the most challenging places in the world to secure.