First Responder Solutions
Urban Security / Urban Surveillance and Management

Most of the world's population now lives and works in cities. Urban populations are expanding at an remarkable pace; at a time when technology has given small groups unprecedented access to information and other, often destructive, capabilities. This situation has raised a range of human and national security concerns.

Dependence of urban areas upon adequate water, sanitation, schools, hospitals, and first responders makes cities extremely vulnerable to epidemics, natural disasters, terrorism, crime, corruption, and violence. Keeping our cities safe in the twenty-first century is an enormous challenge, especially where personal freedom and diversity are highly valued.


According to the US Department of Transportation, “The experience accumulated from the disasters of the past few years suggest that having the right information, in the right format, at the right time, in the hands of the right people significantly reduces the consequences of disasters and accelerates the recovery process.”

4D’s security solutions already safeguard a population of two million in the city of Abu Dhabi, providing urban surveillance, enhanced communication, and accelerated response time among first responders.