Securing National Assets

National Assets are those monuments, icons, antiquities, and boundaries that define the essence of a nation state. Governments must take great care to protect these to ensure that current and future generations are able to enjoy them and to maintain their national identity. For example, one of the more important asset of a country is its defined borders, which holds both historic and geographic significance.

Borders are of great concern to security agencies who strive to prevent the entry of terrorists and illicit weapons, while facilitating the flow of legitimate trade and travel. Borders extend over great distances, across a diversity of terrains, climates, and population densities. Unauthorized border crossings of both people and materials carry serious security risks.

Security Challenges:

  • Extended distances devoid of power and communications infrastructure
  • Unique terrain and environmental conditions
  • Lack of timely information to mobile forces
  • There are finite numbers of personnel available to patrol these borders and man checkpoints.
  • Security operators require real-time information about threats or potential threats to their facilities
  • Security operators also need to be able to communicate with a centralized Command and Control center, as well as dispatch personnel to areas of interest in a timely manner

Securing national borders presents unique challenges due to the great distances involved. 4D Security Solutions recognizes these challenges and provides turn-key, integrated, state-of-the-art systems to meet the security challenges of today and the threats of tomorrow, as we have proven by developing some of the longest and most secure border segments in the world. 4D border security systems are based on the Wisdom Command & Control software platform.