Critical Infrastructure

Safeguarding critical infrastructure and bases such as nuclear powered generation facilities, water purification and delivery systems, factories and plants, office buildings, transportation hubs, ports, roadways and rail lines is a vital, extremely difficult endeavor. These entities provide the foundation for economic vitality, quality of daily life, and geopolitical security, and represent a significant focus for sabotage or terrorist activities.

Security Challenges:

  • Critical infrastructure assets support the quality of life for the populations they serve. Loss of such assets has serious impact on national economy and their populations, including loss of life, and property
  • The perimeters of these assets are extensive and irregular, may contain areas of both land and water, and may be located in desolate areas
  • Terrorists view critical infrastructure assets as primary targets of opportunity
  • Mobile operators need real-time information and secure communications with command centers
  • Security operators require real-time information about threats or potential threats to their facilities
  • Security operators also need to be able to communicate with a centralized Command and Control center, as well as dispatch personnel to areas of interest in a timely manner

Securing critical infrastructure assets is vital to maintain quality of life for the nation's inhabitants, economic vitality, and national pride. 4D Security Solutions understands the specific challenges facing those responsible for securing critical infrastructure assets and can provide you with unique, custom-tailored, state-of-the-art solutions that meet the security needs of today and the threats of tomorrow, as we have done with major US airports, oil, gas and LNG facilities across the globe.