About Us

4D Security Solutions provides security systems to protect assets, facilities, and infrastructure anywhere in the world from sabotage, terrorism, and theft. For that purpose, 4D Security Solution’s structure and approach reflect more than just integration and technologies. We also conduct world-class risk analysis - analyzing security structures from federal to critical asset levels. Our leading laboratories are currently analyzing and developing future, cutting-edge technologies. These technologies incorporate our unique behavioral threat assessment techniques, thereby anticipating the next generation of security challenges and solutions.

What We Do

4D Security Solutions provides world-class turnkey security solutions that includes complete systems integration with command and control capabilities.

Our solutions are "equipment/sensor agnostic," which means they are not dependent upon specific or proprietary hardware.

Our software is designed to be scalable, self-analytical, and modular.

Our people are among the best in their fields.

Our experience has been proven on a global scale.

Our company can provide significant opportunities for our business partners.

What Sets Us Apart
  • Our approach is comprehensive, offering total enterprise solutions.
  • Our large-scale global project experience has prepared us for any challenge, large or small.
  • We are a flexible, agile business partner.
Value Proposition

4D Security Solutions safeguards some of the most critical assets on earth. We provide tailored, turnkey solutions for the world’s largest energy production facilities, major urban centers and hundreds of miles of borders, reducing the risk of loss or disruption by man-made or natural disasters.

  • We secure 800 kilometers of the national border of United Arab Emirates.
  • We safeguard two million citizens of the entire city of Abu Dhabi.
Our Mission

4D Security Solutions is committed to providing proven, continually-improved integrated solutions that meet customer requirements to safeguard the people, commerce and infrastructure that sustain America and the global community.

Our Vision

4D’s global experience and integrated approaches set the standard for security solutions in the world.